Simple command line utility for converting .doc files to any supported format

This project is maintained by tobya


Simple utility for converting a Microsoft Word Document '.doc' file to any other supported format such as .txt .rtf .pdf.

Can also be used to convert .txt, .rtf to .doc or .pdf format.

Must have Microsoft Word installed on host machine.

Download Release From Github Releases - Further Information available at


Excel version available - Details here


  1. Convert Doc/RTF/Text file to any Word SaveAs Type Doc/Text/RTF/PDF
  2. Single File Conversion
  3. Multiple / Directory File Conversion
  4. Delete after conversion
  5. Fire Webhook one each conversion.

Bugs and Features

Please log an issue for any bugs, features or suggestions.



Convert Microsoft Word Document to text

docto -f C:\Directory\MyFile.doc -O "C:\Output Directory\MyTextFile.txt" -T wdFormatText

Convert Microsoft Word Document to PDF (requires version of Microsoft Word that supports this).

 docto -f C:\Directory\MyFile.doc -O "C:\Output Directory\MyTextFile.pdf" -T wdFormatPDF

Multiple Files and Folders

Convert All Microsoft Word Documents in Directory and its Sub Directories to PDF

docto -f "C:\Dir with Spaces\FilesToConvert\" -O "C:\DirToOutput" -T wdFormatPDF  -OX .pdf

Delete Origional File after Conversion

Delete Origional Files after conversion (-R) .

docto -f "C:\Dir with Spaces\FilesToConvert\" -O "C:\DirToOutput" -T wdFormatPDF  -OX .pdf -R


Add a Webhook to fire on each conversion (-W)

docto -f "C:\Dir with Spaces\FilesToConvert\" -O "C:\DirToOutput" -T wdFormatPDF  -OX .pdf  -W

A Webhook is a url that can be called on each converstion to give you the ability to repond externally whenever a file is converted.

Use in the Wild

If you are using DocTo in the wild somewhere, please add details to this wiki page

OneDrive Conversion

If you need to upgrade a bunch of files to work without conversion on OneDrive /Office365 / Word 20XX then you can use DocTo. See this StackExchange question

Command Line Help

Command Line Parameters
Each Parameter should be followed by its value  -f "c:\Docs\MyDoc.doc" -O "C:\MyDir\MyFile"
Parameters markers are case insensitive. Short and Long can be used mixed.
  -H  This message
      --help -?
  -F  Input File or Directory
  -FX Input Extension to search for if directory.  Default ".doc" (will find ".docx" also)
  -O  Output File or Directory to place converted Docs
  -OX Output Extension if -F is Directory. Please include '.' eg. '.pdf' .
      If not provided, pulled from standard list.
  -T  Format(Type) to convert file to, either integer or wdSaveFormat constant.
      Available from
      See current List Below.
  -TF Force Format.  -T value if integer is checked against current list compiled in and not passed if unavailable.
      -TF will pass through value without checking. Word will return an "EOleException  Value out of range" error if invalid.
      Use instead of -T.
  -L  Log Level Integer: 1 ERRORS Only, 2 STANDARD, 5 CHATTY, 10 VERBOSE
      Default: 2=STANDARD
  -C  Compatibility Mode Integer. Set to an INTEGER value from
      See List Below
  -M  Ignore all files in __MACOSX\ subdirectory if it exists.  Default True.
  -G  Write Log to file in directory
  -GL Log File Name to Use. Default 'DocTo.Log';
  -Q  Quiet Mode: Nothing will be output to console.  To see any errors you must set -G or -GL
      Equivalent to setting -L 0
  -R  Remove Files after successful conversion: Default false;
  -W  Webhook: Url to call on events (plain url no params). See -HW for more details.
  -HW Webhook Help.
  -X  Halt on COM Error: Default True;  If you have trouble with some files not converting, set this to false to ignore
      errors and continue with batch job.
  -V  Show Versions.  DocTo and Word/Excel

200 : Invalid File Format specified
201 : Insufficient Inputs.  Minimum of Input File, Output File & Type
202 : Incorrect switches.  Switch requires value
203 : Unknown switch in command
220 : Word or COM Error
221 : Word not Installed


wdCurrent   : 65535 Compatibility mode equivalent to the latest version of Microsoft Word.
wdWord2003  : 11    Word 2010 is put into a mode that is most compatible with Word 2003.
                    Features new to Word 2010 are disabled in this mode.
wdWord2007  : 12    Word 2010 is put into a mode that is most compatible with Office Word 2007.
                    Features new to Word 2010 are disabled in this mode.
wdWord2010  : 14    Word 2013 is put into a mode that is most compatible with . Features new to
                    Word 2013 are disabled in this mode.
wdWord2013  : 15    Default. All Word 2013 features are enabled.


0.7 Added support for saveas2 function (with compatibility mode) added by microsoft in Word 2010. Additional Switches. Added support for long parameters.

0.5.5 Changes made to logging. -Q and -L 0 now work correctly ensuring nothing is output to console. Must specify -G or -GL to get access to logs and errors. Also -L 10 now outputs extra as logging param is loaded first.